The Others - People, Cultures and Bridges

Global Citizenship for Global Citizenship in Seixal

“The Others” is a methodology developed in Seixal with the support of different trainers in the field of Non-formal Education coming from this region and connected to the project “People, Cultures and Bridges” of the City Hall of Seixal.

This approach is based on active and participatory methodologies with the first objective of creating empathy towards the Other, being the next door neighbour or a refugee that comes from the other side of the World - the work developed in the sessions has an experiential dimension e starts from empathy to the knowledge and attitudes of a global citizen.

This methodology was implemented in different local high schools in Seixal with the framework of different programmes mainly with Redes para o Desenvolvimento, Anna Lindh Foundation and now with the municipal programme “Povos, Culturas e Pontes” [People, Cultures and Bridges].