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logooraculositeIn the framework of Erasmus+ - Youth in Action [for more information, check out the website http://juventude.pt] Rato - ADCC will develop the project "Oracle+".

“Oracle+” is a project developed within the key action 3 from Erasmus+ Programme - Youth in Action and it aims the creation of political proposals for youth information with a specific focus in the promotion international and european mobility. These proposals will be produced from different local meetings in the region of Setúbal between youngsters and decision makers related to political and social stakeholders. In the framework of the project, the following meetings are scheduled:

  • Escola Secundária Alfredo Reis Silveira (Torre da Marinha - Seixal), November 2nd;
  • Centro comunitário de S. Pedro (Cajados - Palmela), November 5th;
  • Escola Secundária Jorge Peixinho (Montijo), November 11th;
  • Oficina da Juventude do Miratejo (Miratejo - Seixal), November 12th;
  • Escola Conde de Ferreira – Centro de Produção e Participação Artística (Barreiro), November 14th;
  • Escola Secundária João de Barros (Seixal), November 17th;
  • Madan Parque (Caparica - Almada), November 29th;
  • Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal (Setúbal), December 6th;
  • Biblioteca Maria Lamas (Caparica - Almada), December 20th;
  • Escola Secundária José Afonso (Seixal), January 10th.

Rato - ADCC intends to make these meetings as broad and diversified as possible to represent the region of Setúbal - therefore, the organization is available to develop without any costs other meetings in partnership with different institutions in Setúbal.

For more information, check out the website of the project http://oraculomais.eu or by the social networks of Rato - ADCC on Facebook and Twitter - specifically for this project, all the updates wil be done with the hashtag #oraculomais.


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