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Setúbal is a region is located in the South-West of Portugal and shares borders with Lisbon (with the Tagus river ) and Santarém on the north, the Évora on the East, the district of Beja on the South and the Atlantic Ocean on the West. It has an area of 5064 km², with 13 municipalities and a population of almost 900.000 inhabitants.

Although Rato - ADCC develops activities in different places in the region of Setúbal, Rato - ADCC has its main center of activities in Seixal that is on the south side of the Tagus river. Seixal is a municipality that is quite close to Lisbon (about 15 km) - view the map - there are some mobility problems and the public transportation system can be a bit irregular, especially bus lines.

Among other things, in Seixal you can find:

  • 1 shopping centre with multiplex movie theatres;
  • 3 public libraries;
  • 1 cultural centre in Seixal;
  • 1 athletics and sports complex

Seixal has lots of organizations and associations developing several activities in different fields - unfortunately the majority of info is in Portuguese. Nevertheless, you can check out wikipedia.org:


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