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It’s summertime! Beaches in Margem Sul are the pearl of the region. You can find kilometers of white sandy beach without anybody, you’ve places where you can see kilometers of the costline – shortly: the coast of Margem Sul is amazing beautiful. This guide will give some hints for beeing at the beach.

BeachIThe coast of beaches is starting very in the north of Margem Sul in Costa Caparica. Costa Caparica is a hotspot for surfers and they build varios beaches. Be carefull: Costa Caparica is a nice, normal beach. But they build a lot of big hotels very close to the beach. So Costa Caparica is as long as nice if you’re just looking for the ocean/beach. Don’t look back. Be carfull also in Costa Caparica downtown. It’s just touristic – and everybody try to make money with you.

BeachIIIf you want to see a smile on the face of people from Margem Sul you’ve to say: Fonta de Telha. It’s an endless, ruleless beach for everybody. You can go for kilometers left and right and find everything what you want. Beach for dogs, naked people, children, youngsters,...

And by the way the beach of Fonte de Telha is so nice and natural like from the beginning.


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