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infoempregoIn partnership of Town Hall of Corroios, Rato - ADCC will implement the project "InfoEmprego": this project aims the promotion of the employability through the use of improvement digital competences.

It was identified many situations where the beneficiaries of social services in Corroios revealed many difficulties in the use of Informatic tools in the use of the creation of a CV as also in the use of different online platforms for job search. therefore, it will be implemented until the end of the year the following training modules:

  • InfoEmprego InI aims the initiation to Informatics to unemployed people approaching topics such as the CV writing on a text processor, online job search or sending a CV via e-mail;
  • InfoEmprego Pro aims more advanced topics such as e-mail or the use of online platforms in the field of employability.

This training project will take place in different places of Corroios and the first workshop will start July 15th in the youth centre of Miratejo. For more information, contact Rato - ADCC with the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the phone +351933778414 or with the social networks Facebook and Twitter.


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