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There is no cost in helping! If you belong to a company ou even individualy, you can help even without money. ClicK here for more information about the advantages of a partnership with Rato - ADCC.


Web Design & Multimédia


Rato-ADCC colaborates with other non-profit organizations and associations on developing websites and multimedia applications.

With the help of the work of the young volunteers, Rato - ADCC implements this projects usually pro bono. These are some examples of projects developed by Rato or where Rato helped building:

To all the interested organizations, you can e-mail us to informatica [at] rato-adcc.pt.

Below you can see the projects of building or managment of website developed by Rato and its partners.

Companhia de Dança de Almada Teatro de Papel Pensa Glocal website Scriptamanent website Volatin website OpenEuropa website blogsve Between 2 Margins Website altcv bridgeothers

Rato also created some multimedia books for to some of its projects, they are available for free and online below:

blogsve INI - Iniciativas no InícioOráculo Jovem


In this place you will find some domains and project done by Rato - ADCC.

Activities Done

Rato - ADCC is a youth organization that emerged between 1999 and 2000 and has growned despite the difficulties.

These are some of the more relevant initiatives of Rato - ADCC:


  • Training of ICT trainers 2013
  • CV - Paths and Valorization
  • Workshops for the pool of trainers
  • 1337 Program
  • Rato - ADCC @ Março Jovem 2013
  • AJ://online
  • Youth Oracle - Proposals for the Local Youth Policies



  • openEUropa day + Rato - ADCC Anniversary
  • Teclar Program - Informatics for the elderly
  • Between 2 Margins - Training course on Social Activism in EuroMed
  • Ratio
  • InfoDomus
  • formaEUropa
  • Partnership with VidaEmprego - CLDS of Arrentela


  • openEUropa day
  • EVS 4 Youth March
  • Playing Clicking: Study with the ICTs
  • Are you talking to me... in english?
  • openEUropa with CAMAJ
  • Scripta Manent 03
  • viaEUropa
  • End of the 2011 Training party


  • "Nós Jogamos" Youth Exchange
  • "What about after school?" Workshops
  • [in]Secure Internet?
  • "Webpages Creation" training course
  • Intercultural Dialogue 2
  • Re-Age
  • "Uma Pedrada no Charco" Book


  • Modern Music Palmela contest
  • Free software? Free from what?
  • European Seminar «Soup of Stone»
  • Introduction to Informatica training workshops
  • E-Day
  • What if we exchanged two fingers of talk in.. English?
  • Yellow Party 2009
  • Playing Clicking 2009: Interculturalities
  • ComOn - Online Communities
  • 10 hours clicking .pro
  • Informatics Workshops @ Portugal, Cultura e Recreio
  • Infoliteracy
  • Learning in an afternoon
  • Promotion of the Youth in Action Program with the social network of Seixal
  • Employment and Professional training fair
  • "Local Associativism" Seminar
  • Learning by Playing
  • Volunteer pool of trainers


  • zoomEUropa
  • Yellow Party 2008 [Almada]
  • ComON - Online Communities [Palmela; Seixal]
  • Playing by clicking [Free time activities - Seixal]
  • «E-V [European Volunteer]» European voluntary service hosting
  • Learning in an Afternoon [training - Seixal]
  • Typing - Informatics Workshops for Senior population
  • 8 years clicKing - II anniversary of Rato - ADCC
  • ComOn - Online Communities [Palmela; Seixal]
  • Hosting Project of European Voluntary Services «E-V [European Volunteer]»
  • 10 hours clicKing [training - Seixal]


  • Yellow Party 2007 [Seixal]
  • Pn-lanparty.net - Lan Party [Pinhal Novo]
  • 10 hours clicKing [training - Seixal]
  • Training for Informatics Trainers [training - Seixal]


  • Palmela's Modern Music Contest - Online Broadcast [Palmela]
  • Yellow Party 2006 [Seixal]
  • Play by a clicKing - [ateliers de tempos livres - Seixal]
  • Creation of the website of Informatics Club of High School of João de Barros [Corroios]
  • Linux in command line [training - Seixal]
  • Promotion of Volunteering Projects [Seixal]
  • Creation of EVS blog
  • Creation of the blog of the online radio programme Ratio
  • Pn-lanparty.net - Lan Party [Pinhal Novo]
  • 10 hours clicKing [training - Seixal]
  • Training for Informatics Trainers [training - Seixal]


  • V3M - Volunteering for the III millenium
  • Yellow Party 2005 [Seixal]
  • Play by clicKing - [freetime workshops - Seixal]
  • Creation of www.rato-adcc.pt 3.0
  • DVD of Rato - ADCC «RatoDocs»
  • Palmela's Modern Music Contest - Online Broadcast [Palmela]
  • Conferences «Brave New World???» [Seixal]
  • Hosting projects for European Voluntary Services«/join R@to - ADCC» and «Cyberschool»


  • CD-ROM of Rato - ADCC
  • Initiation of GNU/LINUX [Palmela]
  • «Noite Digital» 1.0 [Seixal]
  • Youth exchange in Wisla/Poland with Youth Club of Fernão Ferro
  • Palmela's Modern Music Contest - Online Broadcast [Palmela]
  • Creation of R@to - ADCC Space [Seixal]
  • 10 hours a clicKing [training - Palmela; Seixal]
  • Creation of the european network ImageYnet
  • Digital Holidays 2004 [freetime workshops - Seixal]


  • Creation of www.rato-adcc.pt 2.0
  • Workshop of Electronic Music [training - Almada; Palmela; Seixal]
  • Palmela's Modern Music Contest - Online Broadcast [Palmela]
  • Creation of www.juventudeinteractiva.org
  • Participation of European Seminar «Education through Image» [France]


  • Initiation to SQL [training - Seixal]
  • Initiation to the Creation of Websites [training - Almada; Palmela; Seixal]
  • Palmela's Modern Music Contest - Online Broadcast [Palmela]
  • Informatics workshops in Vale de Chícharos - Fogueteiro [training - Seixal]
  • Website www.apipe.org
  • Ultraverão Festival [Palmela]


  • Initiation to the Creation of Websites [Training - Seixal]
  • Initiation to Hardware [Training - Seixal]
  • Website www.marcoapartir.org [ligação inactiva]
  • Palmela's Modern Music Contest [Palmela]
  • Initiation to JavaScript [training - Seixal]
  • Creation of www.rato-adcc.pt 1.0


  • Initiation to the Creation of Websites
  • Creation of the site www.seixalradical.com [inactive link]

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Loja Social de Informática

A Loja Social de Informática é uma divisão da Rato-ADCC que ajuda e efectua a reparação de computadores.

Esta ajuda é prestada dentro das possibilidades da associação, sempre por um técnico residente 
A Loja Social também recebe doações de equipamentos

Para Informações contacte a associação via telefone ou no Local


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