Portugal is a country situated in the southwest of Europe with approximately 10 million people.

The weather is usually warm although it can get quite cold in the nothern regions - especially if you consider that in Portugal houses don't have central heating systems. Portuguese people usually are nice, calm and frequently late ;)

Below you have a table where you can see some useful info about Portugal:

General Information about our Country...

Area:92389 km2
Capital: Lisbon (Lisboa in Portuguese)
Other important cities: Porto, Braga, Coimbra, Faro, Santarém, Évora, Setúbal
Telephone code:351
Population: 9,865,114 inhabitants
Religion: 90% of population is catholic
Economy: Agriculture [cereals, olive, orange, pear, wine]; Industry [clothes and shoes, furniture, ceramics and cork]
Time: Continental Portugal and Madeira Island are on the Greenwich time; Daylight savings time begins the last Sunday in March [clocks are turned one hour ahead] and ends the last Sunday in October [clocks go back one hour].
Official language: Portuguese
Currency: Euro

General Information about Margem Sul:

Margem Sul
Margem Sul is part of “Região de Lisboa” and belongs to the Distrito de Setúbal. The district have 4 geographical ends: Estuário do Tejo (North), Alentejo Central (east), Alentejo Litoral (south) and Oceano Atlântico (west). The area of Margem Sul has 1421 km2 and 782 786 inhabitants.
The district Setúbal is divided in nine (9) independend Camâra Municipals who are just responsible  for their area. The disctricts are:

Alcochete ( www.cm-alcochete.pt )
Almada  ( www.cm-almada.pt )
Barreiro  ( www.cm-barreiro.pt )
Moita ( www.cm-moita.pt )
Montijo  ( www.mun-montijo.pt )
Palmela  ( www.cm-palmela.pt )
Seixal  ( www.cm-seixal.pt )
Sesimbra  (www.cm-sesimbra.pt )
Setúbal ( www.mun-setubal.pt )


Summer: Dry and clear, with warm sunshine, temperatures range in the 27ºC; start: June 22nd finish: September 21st
Autumn: Temperatures range in the 17ºC; start: September 22nd; finish: December 21st
Winter: Moderately cool and is the rainiest time of the year; temperatures range in the 10ºC; start: December 22nd; finish: March 21st
Spring: Temperatures range in the 20ºC; start: March 22nd; finish: June 21st

Foods & Drinks

Fish, codfish, meat, green, fruit, bread
Traditional food: codfish with chickpea, potatoes and cabbages Portuguese boiled
Local food (Lisbon): fish and seafood, barbecued sardines, mackerel eels (stew and marinade), olives and cottage cheeses
Sweets: queijadas [cheese tarts] from Sintra and pasteis de Belém (custard cream tarts) from Lisbon.


wine, beer, water, refrigerants

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