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Oráculo+: presentation of results

Logotipo do projeto Oráculo+In the framework of Erasmus+ - Youth in Action programme, it was implemented the project "Oracle+" that aims the creation of political proposals in the domain of youth information with a focus in the promotion of european mobility opportunities in the region of Setúbal.

So different local meetings were developed in the region of Setúbal for the creation of proposals in this domain that were placed online in the website http://oraculomais.eu - these proposals can also also be seen in the playlist disponível no YouTube. In this website you can also find other results such as an analysis of the relation of Erasmus+ - Youth in Action in the region of Setúbal.

In march 16th and 17th, in Costa da Caparica it will take place a final meeting of evaluation where it will participate youngsters that were in the different local meetings and 2 delegations from the international projects of the project - I-Dare from Jordan and Kobiety.Lodz.Pl from Poland. In this meeting, it is intended to define recommendations for different social and political stakeholders that put into reality the information policies in the region of Setúbal - on march 17th, at 15:00, there will be an open session for the presentation of results where all people interested is invited.

To conclude, we would like to thank all the partners involved in the creation and implementation of the project - Obrigado! Dziekuje! Shukran!


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