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Summer and Winter

Be prepared! Winter is extremly cold and summer really hot. This guide is not joking and the experiences of hundred of volunteers all over Portugal underline this!!!


The winter in Portugal is obviously not that cold. Normally the temperatures are not falling lower than 7 C° - during the night. But this means that it will be everywhere like this temperature. The most houses are not isolated and just cold for the hot summer. So there is a “normal” temperature out on the street but it will be always very cold in the house. This is not a joke! Be prepared! If you’ve the luck for a heater you can use it. But don’t expect that it will help a lot.

Because of the not isolated houses the heat is going directly out to the street. So you’re just heating up the atmosphere.

Tip: You’ve to do two things:

  1. Nearly every Portuguese is freezing. This is normal and you can talk with everybody about it. This freezing, this beeing crazy for the cold is normal. It’s the Portuguese winter! Don’t worry – the summer will come!
  2. Be prepared! For surviving in the portuguese winter you need a lot of pullovers, blankets, long trousers and everything what you make to feel more comfortable/warmer. It’s not a joke that the Portuguese are going to bed with two pullover, three blankets and a bottle of hot water. Simply to sleep. Do it just like this.

With a lot of clothes/warm stuff it will be just half as bad. You’ve to find a strategie!!!


The summer is less complicate. It’s “just” hot. But really hot. It can be easily 40 C°. You’ve to remove all your blankets and think that you will sweating from now on until the next winter. The summer in Portugal is hot, hot and hot. For a refreshment pools, ocean, seas or rivers are good possibilities.Be prepared for the heavy UV. The sun in Portugal is worse than somewhere in Central Europe. Go and be prepared with sunlotion.

The three seasons in Portugal:

  • September – October: The last heat of the summer. You can have some really hot days. Most the time you don’t need any jacket. It’s quiet warm.
  • November – March: This is winter and it’s cold. During this months you will freeze.
  • April – August: This is summer. It will get hot and hotter. Until 40 C°you will already have in June. July and August are the hottest months.
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