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Just do it! Freetime is a personal thing where this guide doesn’t want to touch the private atmosphere. This chapter is not going to give any tips for activate the life during the freetime but we are going to point out a bit the system here in Portugal.

A lot of activities are strictly organised by the Townhall (Câmara Municipal) of your district. You can find a lot of activities on the Homepage of your Camâra Municipal. They are offering everything: Sport, Music, Dance, Movies, Debates,... . As a volunteer/student you’ll get also a discount for the entrance. Some activities are also for free.

For sport activities you always need a medical test. The doctor will check your body for any problems you’ll get by doing some sports. This test you need also for going to a swimming hall. Before they allowed you to enter you’ve to show this medical test. Without this test it’s difficult to find a sport club / club to do some sports. Most of them have this obligation. You are free to do sport like running, jogging or gymnastic. In every “Junta de Freguesia” you’ll find a park where you can do this. Also portuguese people like to do sports in these parks.

Beside the fact of sports you can do a lot of other stuff. You’ve everything between sport and culture – it depends on what you want. You’ve to abe aware that you’ve the proximity of Lisboa. There you’ll find everything! But be aware – most of the things you can find also in Margem Sul (often also cheaper!).

All activities which are organised by the townhall (Camâra Municipal) you can find also in the "Boletim da Câmara Municipal" or "Agenda Cultural" – a printed newspaper or magazine which is published regularly.

Tip: For your research about activities in all areas you can forget . The clubs/activities in Margem Sul are usally not that well connected. The easiest and best way to find out about some acitivties/clubs is going to the "Câmara Municipal" and asking for whatever you are looking for. They will find for sure something or will give you some contacts. Don’t try to search by yourself!


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