Welcome. This is the place of Rato - ADCC, a portuguese youth organization directed for the promotion of Information of Society.


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There is no cost in helping! If you belong to a company ou even individualy, you can help even without money. ClicK here for more information about the advantages of a partnership with Rato - ADCC.


ZoomEUropa in «Entre Saberes e Sabores»

In the 7th e 8th of February, Rato - ADCC will be present with the presentation of the exibihition «ZoomEUropa» in the II Intercultural Meeting «Saberes e Sabores», in the Sports Center of Alto do Moínho - Corroios.

ZoomEUropa is an exibihition that consists of pictures with testemonies of EVS [European Volunteer Service] volunteers, describing the different dimensions of doing this action of Youth in Action Program.

For more information, check out the websites http://cm-seixal.pt ou http://ccram.pt

Training for Trainers in Informatics

Rato - ADCC will present on the commemorations of the National Youth Month in Palmela with the workshop «Training for Trainers in Informatics», in partnership with High School of Pinhal Novo.

This project will take place in the 7th and 14th of March in the Youth Center of Pinhal Novo, with the following schedule: 10:00 - 13:00 / 14:30 - 17:30. It has the objective to develop skills in the field of education apllied to the Information Technologies and to discover new volunteers for Rato - ADCC, in its work applied to training in Informatics - for all interested in it, contact Rato - ADCC.

For more information about the Youth Month in Palmela, check out the website www.juventudeinteractiva.org

EVS Night Party 2009

A Rato - ADCC will present, within the commemorations of National Youth Month in Seixal, in the 12th of March.

Within this project, there will be the following activities:

  • Exibihition «ZoomEUropa»
  • Stand with promotional materials of the volunteering activities of Rato - ADCC
  • Music concert of the bands 316 and the Skills and BunnyCrew

This will be a moment of informal contact with several EVS [European Voluntary Service]  that will informaly tell their experience in the first person. For more information about the commemorations of National Youth Month in Seixal, check out the website www.cm-seixal.pt/mj2009.


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