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EVS' Volunteers Blog of Rato - ADCC

As you know, Rato - ADCC hosts european volunteers in the framework of European Volunteer Service [EVS] - Youth in Action Program. Nowadays, there are 2 youngsters in the association: Felix Suppliet [from Germany] and Meliza De Vries [from Netherlands].

Felix and Meliza are going to stay in Portugal until Summer and their experiences will be registered in the blog of the EVS volunteers of Rato - ADCC: http://evs.rato-adcc.pt - visitem o sítio regularmente que eles semanalmente colocarão actualizações sobre a «aventura» do SVE.


Presentation of Volunteering Projects

During March, Rato - ADCC will be in different high schools of Seixal with workshops for the promotion of volunteering projects, mainly European Voluntary Service [EVS] - Youth in Action Program.

During these presentations, the students will have the opportunity to see the exibihition "ZoomEUropa" that consists in images and testemonies of the experiences of EVS volunteers in Portugal.

For more information of the commemorations of the Youth Month in Seixal, check out the website http://www.cm-seixal.pt/mj2009/


ZoomEUropa in «Entre Saberes e Sabores»

In the 7th e 8th of February, Rato - ADCC will be present with the presentation of the exibihition «ZoomEUropa» in the II Intercultural Meeting «Saberes e Sabores», in the Sports Center of Alto do Moínho - Corroios.

ZoomEUropa is an exibihition that consists of pictures with testemonies of EVS [European Volunteer Service] volunteers, describing the different dimensions of doing this action of Youth in Action Program.

For more information, check out the websites http://cm-seixal.pt ou http://ccram.pt

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