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There is no cost in helping! If you belong to a company ou even individualy, you can help even without money. ClicK here for more information about the advantages of a partnership with Rato - ADCC.


Training Workshops of Rato - ADCC

Training Workshops of Rato - ADCCThe holidays are over :( but Rato – ADCC will develop several training workshops in the field of Informatics and Information and Communication Technologies:)

In the next 16th of September, Rato – ADCC will start the project «10 horas a clicKar .ini» where the participants can acquire basic skills in the field of digital and media literacy – the schedule will be between 19:30 and 21:30, from tuesday to friday. Rato – ADCC will develop specific modules of the workshops «10 horas a clicKar .ini» and «10 horas a clicKar .pro» in the Public Library of Oeiras – in partnership with this minicipal structure.

Also in the 16th and after a period of recess, Teclar – Workshops of Informatics for Elderly People will restart - these workshops will, once again, the result of a partnership with Social Department of Seixal's Municipality.

For more information about the structure or the contents of these workshops, you can check out the website formacao.rato-adcc.pt and contact the association by phone +351212275684 [Youth Center of Miratejo] or use the email formacao[at]rato-adcc.pt [replace at with @]


Volunteering of Training Placements of Rato - ADCC

Volunteering in Rato - ADCCRato - ADCC hosted 11 young students in the development of their training placements from educational institutions and training centers.

Among the different institutions that were partners, we underline the following:

  • High School «João de Barros» [Corroios - Seixal]
  • High School of Pinhal Novo [Palmela]
  • Professional School «Bento Jesus Caraça» [Arrentela - Seixal]
  • High School of «Fernão Mendes Pinto» [Almada]
  • Professional Training Center of Setúbal
  • Professional Training Center of Lisboa

In the framework of Rato - ADCC with these educational institutions, Rato - ADCC participated actively in different final course technological and professional presentations, developing also several workshops about Volunteering Workshops and Rato - ADCC. In the different trainees, it can be pointed out the work developed by Pedro Santos from Professional Training Center of Setúbal that developed 2 informatic training tools for the use of the computer mouse and keyboard - here you can check out the his report page.

For 2008/09, besides the training placements, Rato - ADCC wants to host again young volunteers in the framework of the project V3M in Youth Center of Miratejo.

If you know of any education institution that might be a partner of Rato - ADCC or youngster that might  be interested in developing activities and projects with Information and Communication Technologies, check out the website voluntariado.rato-adcc.pt or contact us with the e-mail voluntariado[at]rato-adcc.pt [replace at with @]


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