Welcome. This is the place of Rato - ADCC, a portuguese youth organization directed for the promotion of Information of Society.


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There is no cost in helping! If you belong to a company ou even individualy, you can help even without money. ClicK here for more information about the advantages of a partnership with Rato - ADCC.


Feliz aniversário, Rato - ADCC!

Once upon a time... there was an association that was born in February 29th of 2000. Yeah... Rato - ADCC is 8 years old!

In the next 15th of May, it will take place in Seixal [near Lisbon], a small informal commemoration that will have the following activities:

Novo sítio da Rato - ADCC

  • Presentation of the new website of Rato - ADCC
  • Presentation of a photographic exibihition "8 anos a clicKar - 8 years clicKing"
  • Presentation of the book "Aparently... an EVS volunteer's diary in Poland"
  • Happy birthday cake and surprise drink
  • Music concert of Press Play + The Shivers


Rato - ADCC v 4.0

That's right we have a new website: a new website but the same association!

simbolorato.jpgThe website of Rato - ADCC has been remodeled. With more features and more accesible, this new website has the objective to put the association closer to its members and general public, in particular youngsters. You can check out the volunteering opportunities, the area dedicated to training, the gallery of the association or different social networks and websites that Rato - ADCC uses in its work dynamics.

So don't be shy, visit the website: although it is still a work in progress, you can find several infos about the association. One request: click in our guestbook and leave your testemony about the website, about the work of the organization or a suggestion in future activities. And pass around the word about our «wonderful» newsletter where all can receive news of Rato - ADCC or if you prefer stay updated via rss.

A final word for all young volunteers that have collaborated in the project, underlining Julien Espagnet and Thomas Fischbach for their work and craft - merci beaucoup and danke schön...


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