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+ International Projects of Rato - ADCC

This mouse (Rato) doesn't stop!!! Besides its regular activity in the Youth Centre of Miratejo, the organization will participate in different international projects.

  • In the framework of the project "The Others" funded by Anna Lindh Foundation, it will take place in Jordan the final evaluation meeting of this project. Also in Jordan and in partnership with I-Dare, Rato - ADCC will develop the workshops "Training for Trainers in Informatics" and "ICT tools for Social and Youth Work".
  • The association will participate in the training course "Key Platform to Non Formal Education" that will take place in Greece between June 12th and 22th - for more information, check out the website http://www.tamonopatia.org/.
  • In July, Rato - ADCC will take a group of youngsters from Seixal to youth exchange in Spain(in the town of Algemesí, close to Valência) in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

For more information about these and other projects, you can contact Rato - ADCC - the pages in Facebook and Twitter are always updated.

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Youth Cluster: presentation of project's results

imagem do projecto In the framework of Youth in Action Programme [for more para mais informações, check out the website http://juventude.pt] and the activities of "Março Jovem" 2014 [for more information, check out the  https://pt-pt.facebook.com/marcojovemseixal], Rato - ADCC promoted the project "Youth Cluster - Training Course for the Promotion of Non Formal Learning for New Stakeholders", betweeen March 20th and 27th, in Quinta Valenciana.

This training course aimed to reflect and create recommendations and tools for the promotion of intersectorial partnerships in the field Non Formal Education and it had the participation of youth leaders and workers of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Turkey and Lithuania. Based on the work developed in this training course,  the participants will create a set of proposals and recommendations in this topic that will be a part of a online multimedia document in the their different languages available @ http://youthcluster.rato-adcc.pt.

To understand better the project, you can see the presentation video or image gallery. You can also see the evaluation the report of the project.

To conclude, we want to thank to all partners and people that supported the projectand are mentioned in the multimedia document mentioned before: Muchas gracias! Grazie Mile! Shukran! Ačiū! Teşekkür ederim! Muito obrigado!



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