Week #1:My first week at RATO-ADCC! I learned about XHTML and began working on this website.
Week #2:This week i got a new project to work on, a game to help in the use of the mouse and it's being made in Visual Basic 6.0.
Week #3:Still working on the same project as last week, you can download it later when it's done from Rato-ADCC Website.
Week #4:Finally finished my project which can be downloaded here and began working in a new one, this time it's to help in the use of the keyboard.
Week #5:Still working in the keyboard game project and with the experience i gained from making the previous game i should be able to make something better now :D
Week #6:This project is harder then what i expected but still it's coming out pretty good and in my opinion, better then last one.
Week #7:Still working in the same project as las week but it's taking longer then the mouse game.
Week #8:Finished the keyboard game which can be downloaded here and and gave the last touches for this website, my internship is over and it's vacation month :D